High Level of Commercial Vehicle activity

Kimba as Innovators

Establishing a business in the region will draw stakeholder support from all parts of the community

Community Support

Kimba is renown for its inventiveness and resilience. Agricultural machinery, farming techniques, and nationally-recognised sustainable and inventive farmers have been recognised and awarded over many years in the district

Pivotal Site on the Upper EP

The facility will act as a central hub for commodity movements and segregations as storage facilities are rationalised in the region

a sleeping giant

Today, Kimba and the surrounding district is home to more than 1,300 people and lays claim to (among many other significant things) being the town that’s ‘Halfway across Australia.
Apart from being a service hub to the district’s grain and livestock farmers, Kimba itself is fast becoming known as a tourism destination. It is also a key entry point to the stunning Gawler Ranges National Park.


Truck Movements

Being at the point of convergence of several arterial roads, traffic to and from Kimba is fairly busy on a weekly basis



Annual production of Kimba
(including surrounding districts)
is fairly consistent on an annual basis



Cool winter rainfall helps cereal agriculture in the region


Cereals, legumes and oil seeds form the primary crops in Kimba and surrounding districts

Road Network

Primary road networks in the region facilitating road movements through Kimba include National Highway 1, Cleve Road, and Cowell-Kimba Road