World class
quality grains that bring
high returns.

World Class Product


Consistently grown high protein cereals and specialty legumes

Quality Grain

Vast quantities of quality grain that is sought after across markets

High value

Value creation opportunities for higher value grains

Diverse Audiences

With a range of services and facilities, the Eyre Hub will be attractive
to businesses of all sizes, and across sectors and industries, who are
looking for growth opportunities


The proposed hub presents a range of commercial opportunities such as truck wash, cafe, and showering facilities


Leading businesses in storage, processing, segregation and bulk freight services are likely to find great opportunity at Eyre Hub


With so many industries co-locating at Eyre Hub, the opportunities for allied businesses to establish themselves are plentiful

The advantages
of you building
at Eyre Hub:

  • Access to the region’s vast quantities of quality grain
  • Access to consistently grown high protein cereals and speciality legumes
  • Value-creation opportunities for higher-value grains
  • Niche product capture including speciality grains and identity-preserved products
  • Lower capital cost than traditional stand-alone ventures by way of common infrastructure and services
  • The district is home to a highly qualified and skilled service technicians such as diesel mechanics and auto electricians and engineers
  • Strong community support for the project