Automated Weighbridge and Sampling Services

Renewable Energy Options

Bulk Handling Equipment for Soft Commodities

Fatigue Management Centre

we are building the platform for what the region desperately needs but doesn’t have

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Planning for flexible use:

  • Customized land packages and service commitments
  • Ability to secure a site tailored to your specific needs
  • Three-phase power Water & sewerage
    (on-site catchment, connection to mains)
  • Site amenities including Driver Fatigue Management Centre
  • 4G Network coverage NBN Coverage
  • Supplementary solar energy provision
  • Automated public weighbridge
  • Grain sampling and classification services

the Proposed Timing

It is intended that site works will commence in 2024
after a successful response to this ‘Expression Of Interest’ campaign.

A location
that’s a magnet
for opportunity